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Indian Tech Society - Uniting Indians in the UK Tech

We are the Indian Tech Society!

Achieve faster collaboration, recognition and investment opportunities with our community of Indian tech professionals and tech entrepreneurs in the UK.

Welcome to the Indian Tech Society - Uniting Indians in the UK tech industry.

If you are seeking a welcoming space where you can share experiences, exchange ideas, and benefit from mutual support, join our supportive network for Indian tech professionals that propel your careers and open doors to new opportunities in the UK tech sector.

Indian Tech Society (ITS) offers a unique gathering where we come together to support and uplift each other professionally and personally. This event is not just about networking; it is about building relationships that foster a genuine sense of belonging.

We understand the challenges of living and thriving in a foreign country. So, let’s navigate this journey together.

ITS brings you one step closer to opportunities to be inspired, to learn and to network with some of the most influential figures in the British tech domain. Conducted once in three months, we create the opportunity for the event partners to share valuable insights in the area of tech business. The event also opens up opportunities to collaborate with tech talents and investment firms and grow as a community that contributes immensely to the tech entrepreneurship scene in the UK.

India being a major contributor to top-class tech talent and tech entrepreneurs seeking an opportunity to grow in the UK, it was only a natural extension of our vision to develop a platform that can help Indian tech professionals and tech entrepreneurs make it big in the UK.

Glimpses of our July 2023 event

Partner with ITS events as a sponsor

ITS sees no distinction between members and sponsors; with a network of over 10,000 businesses, we offer our sponsors a fantastic platform to promote their business, increase their sales pipeline and raise brand awareness.

Many companies have recognised the importance of the events organised by the Indian Tech Society. Their enthusiasm for partnering with us motivates us to seek more sponsors whose values align with ours and are potential co-contributors to an ambitious and developmental project such as this.

Come join us, It’s easy! Gain Exclusive member benefits!!

As a partner in the event, you will get the opportunity to be a keynote speakers, sharing your knowledge, experience and insight in the tech sector. You will get international recognition through the event. You can also use the event as your opportunity to find your next client or a highly skilled talent to work with.

For more details on how to partner with us and how to benefit from it, write to

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