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Business Support Program

Business Support Program - Guidance and support to stand firm and succeed in the UK

We help you meet the challenges as an entrepreneur in the UK!

Does achieving steady growth in the competitive UK market seem like a huge challenge? Are you under the pressure of proving your business profitable, especially in the initial years? Worry not!

Even the most capable entrepreneurs could find it difficult to learn the ropes of the market conditions in the UK when they move in here and launch their ambitious business. The pressure to adapt and perform in any foreign environment will need you to understand the new market, the culture, the regulatory obligations and many other barriers unique to the place, challenging your growth as an entrepreneur.

We help you settle down in the UK

We provide business support to UK start-ups as well as new businesses launched in the UK by international entrepreneurs. With our business support activities, an entrepreneur like you in the UK can establish and grow your business and even get your Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) to stay on and achieve all that you are capable of achieving through your business.

Under our 360 degree approach, we give you all support and resources required to succeed in the areas of business namely:

  • Business development
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Team building
  • Compliance
  • Data Security
  • Personal Development

Our business support activities go way beyond expectations and help you with the following:

  • Undertaking research
  • Achieving broader market reach
  • Finding office premises
  • Registering with the Companies House
  • Setting up a company domain and website
  • Condicting digital marketing
  • Appointing members of staff
  • Registering with HMRC and PAYE for tax purposes
  • Opening a UK bank account
  • Securing investment/loan
  • Doing software Development
  • Becoming active in business development and sales
  • Bringing clients on board
  • Launching MVP product to the market and creating awareness about the brand
  • Securing Intellectual property
  • Creating more content on the platform and improving it
  • Ensuring that the business processes are compliant with GDPR and Data Protection rules
  • Implementing the best strategies for effective operations and delivery
  • Getting networking opportunities with like-minded people
  • Getting support and guidance till the time you receive the Idefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

We know how things work in the UK.
That’s why we can provide start-up entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools they need to become successful in the UK. If you are determined to make it big in the UK, here’s what you can do:

Register with us! Join the action! Get pampered & empowered! Engage and succeed!
I All it takes for you is to subscribe to our services. For more details about our flexible subscription plans, contact us. Tell us your convenience and we shall collaborate with you scheduling weekly meetings to guide you with doing business in the UK and obtaining your ILR. Benefit from customised strategies developed by our experts who will introduce you to business models unique to your enterprise. Join our programmes for mentoring, coaching, guidance, framework, structure, and support to get business success and success with obtaining your ILR.


Here’s the exciting part for newbie entrepreneurs in the UK. We have introduced a programme where a dedicated team of seasoned investors will pool in GBP 2,000 to GBP 50,000 to help start-ups of hard working, visionary entrepreneurs with whom they are ready to partner with. When our team sees potential in you as an entrepreneur to achieve great mileage in your business, you could be chosen to get the benefit of this scheme. Apply now!

There isn’t a better plan for you to invest time and money in if you are totally committed to your business goal in the UK. Join our Business Support Program and thank us later! Contact us and talk to our experts today.